Posted on: 14 August, 2019

Author: Bruce Markey

Grease trap keeps the FOG from entering into the city drainage system, and regular cleaning of the grease trap helps in the effective functioning of the system. Grease trap at the restaurant accumulates a lot more than a simple kitchen system because there is more processing of food such as grilling, and frying. The volume of the waste produced by restaurants is large, and thus the grease trap needs regular cleaning for undisturbed and smooth functioning. Restaurant grease trap cleaning keeps the FOG (fats, oils, and grease) from reaching the city’s drainage system that can suffer blockage because of the frequency by which the waste is produced in the commercial kitchens.There are many reasons for a regular restaurant grease trap cleaning that have been discussed as follows;•  Restaurants that do not adhere to the norms made by the regulatory authority are subject to be penalized and even the termination of their license.•  If not properly maintained, the grease trap system may be blocked and have clogging in pipes causing the failure of their drainage system that loses the grease into the city drainage system causing environmental pollution.•  The blocked and clogged grease trap can cause the blockage in other plumbing systems of the restaurant and may badly affect the business of the restaurant.•  The cost of regularly cleaning the grease trap is smaller than the cost of repairing in case of any damage and the cost of a new installation in case of system failure. Therefore, contrary to the fact of being considered as an expense, restaurant grease trap cleaning is rather a saving.•  Since the grease traps are often located underground, any malfunctioning is not visible and it may too late by the time the problem shows up on its own. Why wait until things go out of control?•  The basic function of the grease trap is to hold FOG from reaching the city drainage system, and over the period of time, the accumulation of oil and grease begin to rot and produces a foul smell. This not only smells bad but is also harmful to the staff and people visiting the place.•  The accumulation of the food remains, and the FOG also breaks down on the walls of the grease trap producing hydrogen sulfur gas. The gas forms the sulfuric acid which is toxic and can destroy the steel or the concrete walls of the grease trap system.Restaurant grease trap cleaning at regular intervals is done by a team of trained professionals who are certified to perform this job. Since the restaurant drainage system eventually runs into the city drainage system, there are certain norms that need to be followed and are also taken care of by the team. Water is pumped out of the trap using the high capacity pumping machine, after which the deposit is scooped out from the bottom of the tank. Accumulation also occurs at the walls of the tank from where it is removed with the help of the scrubber. After scooping and scrubbing, the tank is flushed out with the help of high suction pipes. Source: Free Articles from DraneRanger provides various liquid waste management solutions such as grease and lint trap cleaning, lift station and wet well cleaning, septic tank cleaning and maintenance, and vacuum truck services in Houston, Pearland, Alvin, and Sugar Land. To more know, visit