Posted on: 11 March, 2020

Author: Nancy Whitman

If you have large trees in your yard, then you will know that you need to do regular tree maintenance. Some people are hiring tree services for doing the maintenance for them. While others are trying to do the maintenance themselves. This is where tree lopping comes in. People are considering tree lopping Gold Coast instead of tree pruning. And, this can have devastating results. There are many reasons why this is dangerous and why you should not consider doing this at home. These are everything you need to know about tree lopping and the safer alternatives. What is tree lopping The first thing that you need to know, is what is tree lopping. If you never have done this before, you will not know what tree lopping is in the first place. And, you will not understand why this is so dangerous. Tree lopping is basically another method for pruning trees. But, instead of just trimming some of the branches of the trees, you are cutting the top of the tree. This is an old way of pruning trees and doesn’t really get done anymore. This is because of the dangers of tree lopping. Dangers of doing tree lopping yourself If you hire an experienced tree surgeon Gold Coast, then you can get this done. However, if you are trying to do the tree lopping yourself, you will need to know that there are many dangers in doing this yourself. Things that will cause serious harm to you, your family and to other people. That can get you into serious trouble. Someone can get seriously injured by walking past a tree that has been looped. Causing open wounds and causing serious injury. Even, days after you have already lopped the tree. You can get sued because of this. Especially, if there is proof that you have done tree lopping without the right experienced and someone got injured or died because of your trees. Yes, this did happen before. Problems of tree lopping can cause There are a lot of problems that can be caused by tree lopping. For example, the branches that are growing from the part that you have cut off, will not be stable and strong. With the first big storm, you might lose your branches and it might endanger other people or other people’s property. Tree lopping can really cause serious, large wounds. While you are cutting the tree, and afterward by people that might not see the tree. It also ruins the overall look of the tree. Making it look dead and ugly. With normal pruning, you will still have a tree with leaves, not just an empty tree. Make use of alternative uses Yes, there are still professional tree services that are making use of tree lopping. However, there are alternatives that you can make use of, that is more successful than tree lopping. Tree pruning, especially the right way, is the best method to cut down a tree. Tree lopping isn’t the best way anymore. You should talk to an expert and ask about alternatives that might be better and less of a risk before you are considering doing tree lopping. Something that you might consider doing instead of the normal tree pruning Gold Coast. If you don’t do the tree lopping correctly, you will put yourself and other people in jeopardy. And it is important to do it correctly, to have a tree that is growing fast and healthy again. Talk to a professional about alternatives if you want to get tree lopping done. The alternatives are a lot better than the older, tree lopping method where you are cutting down the top of the tree. Contact Your Branch Manager, the best arborist Gold Coast today. Article Tags: Tree Lopping, Gold Coast, Tree Pruning, Other People Source: Free Articles from Nancy Whitman is a contributor to leading Gold Coast based chiropractor, Hinterland Chiropractic.