Posted on: 11 March, 2020

Author: Anna Summers

Do you have limited space indoors to grow your plants, fruits, herbs, vegetables and marijuana?  Finding the proper planter for what you are growing is key. There are many different types, sizes and purposes of planters available on the market today. Using hydroponic planters is an effective way to grow plants with water that contains nutrients instead of soil. Many planters offer the greenhouse benefits while using up to 80% less space than a soil garden. Many hydroponic planters and kits are available or if you are creative and resourceful, making your own is also an option. Let's take a look at a few options:1) homemade growing systems can be very simple and there are 2 main types; flood and drain and the reservoir method. First, the flood and drain method consists of using five gallon plastic tubs with lids opaque in color to help keep the light from depleting the nutrients in the water. Place individual plants into their own small plastic planters. Cut holes in the lid of the tub, just the size of the smaller planter and drop the plants into each hole. Use a 2nd tub with a lid as a reservoir, but in this tub cut holes in the side of the tub. Run your waterline between the two tubs. Use waterproof caulk to seal around the holes where the tubes are running through the tubs. Placing the reservoir tub level with or above the tub with containing your plants, allows the water solution to flow through the waterline from one to the other, flooding or watering the plants. Reversing the tubs will drain the water from the plants, this should be done several times a day for maximum results. The second method or reservoir method also uses the same five gallon buckets or tubs but the plants sit in a reservoir filled with nutrient solution that covers the roots. An air pump provides the constant, gentle flow of bubbles containing air to the solution, providing the roots with oxygen. Once your homemade system is constructed; you will also need to set up the proper lighting for your plants. The next option is to discover the many hydroponic planters available online. There is such a vast array of options; many of them have everything that is needed to get you started from beginning to end. Grow kits often come complete with the container, seeds, pumps, lights and whatever else is needed to have the success with the plants you choose to grow and enjoy. Many grow systems are very attractive pieces to add to the decor of your home. Unique and beautiful planters for herbs, vegetable, sprouts or marijuana may be made of many diverse materials such as wood, plastic or conduit. Some look like tubes that circulate the water, nourishing your plants for healthy edible, topical or plants that you can smoke. Prices can range from the mid twenties to well over one hundred. If you decide to purchase a grow planter, look for the kit with all of the items you will need to be successful growing your plants the hydroponic way. We carry a large variety of planters, sprouters and kits that are great for every level of skill from beginner to advanced. Small countertop gardens to large grow tents, the choices are endless. Article Tags: Hydroponic Planters Source: Free Articles from Anna Summers has always been interested in grow tents and products. She currently helps run a website where they sell grow planters. Shop their selection today, you can visit their site at