Posted on: 21 January, 2020

Author: Anna Summers

Here is some insight on the best steps to insure that you obtain the best and healthiest plant yield for your hydroponic garden! Here are some tried and true steps and ideas to help you along the way: 1) Journal - Keeping track of all the variables that go into a maximum grow is essential. Here is where you will keep track of everything you do to help your garden grow to its greatest potential. When experimenting with nutrients, lights, watering, pH levels etcetera, can be an intimidating task if you do not keep records. When nursing weaker plants back to health, you will be able to keep track of all the variable that you change and the result that is obtained from each variable. 2) Nutrients - These are a key factor in growing healthy, big yields in your garden. Not only the amount and types of nutrients that need to be used, but also keeping your nutrients at a consistent temperature is very important. The optimum temperature for your nutrients is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Variations beyond these temperatures may destroy your plants as they grow. 3) Fertilizers - When choosing a fertilizer, the best course of action is to purchase your fertilizer or plant stimulants from a hydroponic store or website with good reputation. "Run of the Mill" store products will not give you the yield that you are looking for. 4) Pruning - Do not be afraid to use your pruning shears. Cleaning up your plants by ridding them of unproductive leaves and stems will ensure that the rest of your plant remains healthy. Dying or rotting parts of a plant will strip the energy and nutrients from the healthy, thriving parts of your plants. The cleaner you keep your plant the higher yield you will gather. 5) Water - is essential to a hydroponic garden. Using just the right amount of water will ensure your plants health and growth. The goal is to reach optimum hydration without over watering and causing root rot; or under watering and having the roots of your plants dry out. One tall tell sign, is to observe the leaves just after you water. If they perk up, they need more water and you should water them more frequently. If the leaves seem to droop, they are receiving too much water and you should adjust the amounts accordingly. 6) Hydroponic equipment - choosing the best equipment for your garden is key. Hydroponic gardens will need CO2 which comes through generators or fans and carbon filters. This will help to maintain fresh CO2 while ridding the area of old CO2, heat and moisture. Using the CO2 generator can definitely increase your yields. Grow tents for indoor gardening is a great way to go and can be purchased as a kit with just about everything you will need to get started on your journey. Lights are another crucial element to your garden. Researching the best wattage for the cycle of your plants is a great ideal. Each stage of growth will require specific hours of light; the LED lights and the G8LED lights are also among the most desirable. This was an abbreviated list of the top items to look for and purchase for your hydroponic growing success. Equipment, tools, water and nutrients are among the top items to consider as well as the most important one being your journal. Keeping good records of everything you do to help your garden grow will bring you great success with the yield of your plants. Source: Free Articles from Anna Summers has always been interested in growing plants and watching them flourish. She currently helps run a website where they sell a variety of Grow Supplies to fit every need.  Many brands and styles for every business venture or hobby. Shop their selection today; you can visit their site at