Posted on: 23 March, 2020

Author: Maria A Williams

When it comes to designing your garden, there are so many ideas available! Even if you have a small garden, you can create your little heaven there. Just by applying the right tips and tricks you can transform your garden, just so it looks open and spacious. If you seek advice from a professional landscaper, it is possible to do a complete garden makeover on a tight budget. To help you out in your landscape design journey, we're sharing with you 5 garden design ideas you can use to make your garden the perfect place for peace and relaxation. Make sure you invest in the perfect lawn but don't clutter the space with unnecessary details. This will make your garden look wider and create a sense of openness. Small gardens will also appear bigger if you introduce garden designs on two levels. You can keep the patio area on the ground floor and the greenery on the first level. Making a plan when inserting lights to your garden is essential to make the area look bigger. Landscape design Sydney recommends you use the power of lights to make the most of the space. All of the lights should focus on the flowers and other details in your garden. You can use LED lights for this purpose. Also, pick a warmer light alternative when it comes to lighting the sitting area in the garden. We'll describe what an intimate oasis space in your garden should look like. First, you have to pick out a hidden corner in your garden and also install some intimate light there. You can go for a hanging egg chair or a similar swinging chair that will keep you off the ground, but it'll be cosy at the same time. You can have a higher table next to the chair where you can keep your favourite book and maybe your coffee or tea utensils. This space can be the area where you can relax, meditate or unwind. Everyone needs such a space in their garden, don't you agree? There are two ways that you can implement flowers in your garden. You can either plant them in the soil or put them into big flowerpots. It's all up to you! Also, you can put them right in the middle of your yard, in a circle, or at the borders of your garden. High fences or wooden walls can be used for placing some hanging flowers or decorations. This is a great idea for small garden owners that don't have enough space for flowers. Therefore, there is no excuse for leaving out flowers from your garden. Source: Free Articles from If you are willing to learn more about landscape design Sydney and find out more tips and tricks for your garden, feel free to check all the resources at Leaf, Stone & Water!